Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers

“An education solution in a nurturing and scholastic environment where dedicated teachers are awakening young minds when it matters most.”

Ryan Marketing’s initial task was to launch an enrollment campaign for their fairly young West Hartford location (no pun intended!) in December of 2018. The goal was to enroll at least 5 new students during the 30-day promotion – all during the month of January. Although the turnaround time was fast, the challenge was gladly accepted.


One Month Free!


Our multi-level strategy included a mixture of digital advertising and printed collateral and featured “One Free Month” to students who enrolled by January 21st.

We began with a keyword comparison and an initial audit of the brand’s current online presence and marketing techniques. We then kicked off the new year with a full designed enrollment campaign and broke down our efforts between:

The campaign resulted in 10 new students enrolled by the end of January, doubling the expectation set by the client.

campaign materials

Updating the Website
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Re-Launching the Current Instagram Account
Email Marketing
Custom Instagram Icons
IG Highlight Creation

“The owner, Lindsay Ryan, was personally involved with the initial on-boarding process and continues to be available. Ryan Marketing has provided comprehensive social media, marketing initiatives, signage promotions, and expanded our brand presence in line with the company’s image and mission. They have also been available for related PR issues and gave us the security and confidence that we would be able to appropriately respond to the community in real-time.”

– April Lukasik
President, Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers


Summer Bucket List + Bright Ideas

Yes, these were cute ideas for parents to take advantage of, but it was also a new way to drive traffic to their website organically.

The Summer Bucket List blog + Bright Ideas activities were developed when we were tasked with getting more eyeballs on the website and social media pages without increasing the Ads budget. We took a multi-layered approach for getting the information out there and parents to the site. The blog was updated on the website, posted about on social media, sent in email blasts, shared on local Facebook pages, and organically by parents whose children attended B&E.


Hey, remember us?

Before partnering with Ryan Marketing, a parent who visited Bright & Early but didn’t enroll right away didn’t hear from the Center after their visit. When we reviewed the process with B&E we shared a major DUH moment. Email them.

Each time a parent visited a center, their email address was collected and sent to our team. We sent them up to get an email with more information about the center they visited and easy access to contact information. From there, they were automatically added to the monthly blast list—keeping Bright & Early top of mind!



During enrollment season parents have a lot of questions, rightfully! We wanted to make it as easy as possible for a prospective parent to get the information they need (AKA minimize the number of clicks taken to get to the info).

We turned to Instagram highlights. All of the information on the FAQ page of the website was made into an engaging story and saved as a highlight. You can think of highlights as an extension of your website. The information is easy to find, and is usually more fun to watch than just click on a website page.