Cencap Federal Credit Union

A credit union for the Hartford Area

Ryan Marketing rebranded a Hartford based Federal Credit Union. Their previous name was Hartford Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union (rolls right off the tongue right?!). After a change to their membership requirements, they needed to be more appealing to a younger and upcoming demographic without alienating their current membership.


New name, new look.

The challenge with changing their name was buy in from their members, as well as their Board of Directors.

Old Logo
New Logo

After many presentations to the Board of Directors, Ryan Marketing developed a full launch strategy and celebration for their members. Ryan Marketing developed the name, logo and branding for Cencap Federal Credit Union and the tagline Centered Around Our Members. The name derived from Central Connecticut (CEN), and the Capital City (CAP) where their five locations reside. We made sure to pay homage to the old logo by sneaking the capital building icon into the new one (hint, it’s in one of the letters).

The name derived from Central Connecticut (CEN), and the Capital City (CAP) where their five locations reside.


Talk about a functionality overhaul.

This website became a lean green financial machine. Let’s start by listing some items the new site had, that the old site did not shall we?

Responsiveness—a site HAS to be responsive in 20-anything. ADA Compliance—if your site is not able to be accessed by EVERYONE, we should talk, and quite simply, inviting and engaging design aesthetic, why not use the whole viewport regardless of device??

Check it out


Emails that get noticed.

Since partnering with Ryan Marketing, Cencap has seen a 3X increase in both open and click rates. Now that’s getting your message out to a whoooole lot more people.

Cencap, Ryan Marketing
Cencap, Ryan Marketing
Cencap, Ryan Marketing

Campaigns that make an impact.

Putting your message in one place at a time is rarely the right strategy. Messages deserve smart, customer-focused campaigns. A well thought out campaign will include several layers that all have a consistent voice and tone to the message. Campaigns will create a memory in your customers daily life making your product or service the one that solves their need. In Cencap’s case, the campaigns benefit from reinforcement across a wide variety of platforms both physically and digitally in order to really drive the messaging home. Consistency is key!

campaign materials

Email Blast
Social Media Ads
Print Ads
Website Banners
ATM Display Graphics


You want stats? We’ve got stats.

In 2019, Cencap reached 190,652 unique people and had 251,889 impressions across Facebook and Instagram. Their follower base increased by 10%.

With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s safe to say it’s no passing trend. Social media should be an essential part of your marketing strategy as it allows you to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, drive website traffic and allows you to target and retarget ideal consumers in one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways.