Colt Manufacturing

Honoring tradition and highlighting excellence

In 1836, Samuel Colt received the first US Patent for a Colt firearm, and he built his first factory.  182 years later, Ryan Marketing started working with Colt on a retained basis, and we’ve been positioning and promoting this historic brand ever since.


Positioning that is on target

“Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk too much” – John Wayne

In its 187-year history, Colt has introduced more than 65 products to audiences including law enforcement and military personnel, hunters, collectors, and athletes. Ryan has worked alongside the Colt team to help them reach their goals and communicate their messages. From transitioning to a new tagline, coordinating and capturing stunning photography and videography, setting up large scale town-hall style meetings, to designing spec sheets, packaging, and social media graphics—we’ve had a hand in much of the messaging customers and team members see. If you ask the Ryan team what their favorite part of working with Colt is, they consistently bring up photographing Colt’s collectable products, many of which are adorned with hundreds of hours of hand engraving. Colt is “Still Making History” and we’re still helping to communicate it!

“The best part about working with Ryan Marketing is really the people.”

– Justin Baldini
Product Director & Director of Marketing, Colt Manufacturing


Using the past to build anticipation

The Colt Python was originally released in 1955 and the line was fully retired in 2005. The revolver was officially re-released in January 2020.

The updated version is constructed from a stronger stainless steel and all new production Pythons are shipped with Altamont wood grips. Ryan’s challenge was to honor the legacy of the brand while leveraging the improvements offered. This was accomplished using clear messages, technology and a strategic drip campaign leading up to the launch.


Firing on all cylinders

Colt Manufacturing pre-dates the Sears Roebuck catalog by almost six decades. While the Sears franchise has all but fizzled, the concept of offering product information – and specifics – has evolved.

Our most recent Colt catalogs feature a ‘hero page’ approach using sharp photography and easy-to-ingest information that is both organized and carefully considered. To quote a favorite campaign theme (this one from Virginial Slims in 1968), catalogs have “come a long way, baby.”


Ready, Aim, Shoot!

The ‘set’ that we inherited when we started working for Colt was a small conference room, complete with inconsistent iridescent lighting and minimal resources. (Sounds like, “Back in the old days …”, right?) Due to the nature of their products, we knew we wouldn’t be able to conduct sessions off premises. Fortunately, our partners at Colt were ‘sighted in’ and let us assess and recommend improvements that resulted in a designated on-site filming studio. This effort created both long-range cost savings and upscale imagery that have appeared in everything from social media campaigns to manuals and video blogs.


Lights, camera, (lots of) action: Sharpshooting a message

Storyboard, script, sound – the future is dynamic and digital

Ryan has created “pro tip”, “how to” and promotional videos to deliver streamlined information that is informative and impactful. If a photo is worth 1,000 words, then a video is an encyclopedia. We strive to capture footage that can serve a variety of purposes: sort of like shooting fish in a barrel.


Run it up the flagpole – and the masses salute!

Ryan Marketing strategically used social media to respond to questions, provide tutorials, and reinforce the Colt brand.

Campaigns included “Topic Tuesdays” and “Factory Fridays” and the uptick of engagement on social media has been significant. (Instagram has approximately 260,000 new followers, and Facebook saw an increase of about 20,000 followers.)


Don’t take our word for it

Give a listen to Justin Baldini, product director and director of marketing, for a sense of our capabilities and commitment to him, his team, and the Colt brand worldwide.