Comix Roadhouse

We take comedy seriously.

In 2015, Comix moved from Foxwoods to the Mohegan Sun Casino and Ryan Marketing got busy promoting the 325-seat comedy venue and bar. Three years later, Comix Mohegan Sun underwent a major expansion and rebranding effort, morphing into the one and only, Comix Roadhouse. The renovated establishment boasts a full-scale, Roadhouse-style restaurant, bar, comedy club, and alternative entertainment (think drag, magic, and more!) venue. In the Roadhouse, patrons can throw a leg over a mechanical bull and enjoy regional country bands, karaoke, and Roadhouse dancers. Giddy Up!


Howdy, Partner

 Damn glad to meet you.

Old Logo
New Logo

The Comix Roadhouse logo leaves no room for hecklers. The red, white and blue color palette tips its hat to our country; heck, the blue lines conjure up our stars and stripes. The non-serif and serif fonts marry clean, contemporary lines with big belt buckles and boots. There is a little ‘rowdy’ and ‘rodeo’ in the Roadhouse, for sure.


“…Our business would not have survived 2020–21 as well as it did nor come out stronger without the full set of skills that Ryan Marketing has brought to our efforts.”

“We started working with Ryan Marketing when we decided that Comix Mohegan Sun would best be served by a partner that could help us with all facets of marketing from digital advertising, SEO, public relations, creative & more. We knew we had the right partner when we decided to morph into Comix Roadhouse & needed them to help with brand concept, logo design, communication & so much more. Our business would not have survived 2020–21 as well as it did nor come out stronger without the full set of skills that Ryan Marketing has brought to our efforts.”


Marc Wiesenthal
Partner, Comix Roadhouse



Photos—and videos—set the stage

Get ready to bust a gut—from eating or laughing!

Everyone loves Texas-style eats, cold craft beer, and comedians from straight from the biggest comedy hubs in Boston, New York, LA (and CT! We’ve got some hilarious people in this state!) – but this story is better told with images and audio. Ryan Marketing worked with a variety of photographers – and the chefs at Comix – to capture mouth-watering images of food and of patrons enjoying themselves. We’ve told stories through video designed to draw patrons across our sawdust-coated threshold and into our dining room, up to the bar, into the comedy club, and onto the dance floor. It’s a hot time in the old town tonight – actually four nights each week – and we want everyone who hears about Comix to visit and become a regular.


Food Photography
Event Photography
Videography/Video Production



Embracing—and enhancing—the Comix brand.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the devil is in the details.

The logo and the imagery invite you in, and the top-shelf bourbon and craft beer selection keep you coming back, but the magic is in memories (especially the ones that are waiting to be created). Custom digital displays, table tents, bill stuffers, t-shirts, posters, in-house signage, merchandise, backdrops, coasters: we keep them fresh, informative, and funny. Each piece serves a purpose and tells a story while setting the stage and reinforcing the experience of the brand. Our launch video got the ball rolling, our PR initiative sparked excitement, and the subsequent pieces fell in line like a Texas two-step.


Dim the house lights (but keep them on).

COVID-19 was no laughing matter for the Mohegan Sun Casino, or for Comix Roadhouse. Ryan Marketing swirled a little shtick into our safety messages as we welcomed patrons back (we’ve gotta say, the t-shirts kill it). Menus with QR codes to cut down on touch points, social distance reminder markers, social media messages and on-site display messages worked to keep the risks down and the awareness up. We are happy to welcome back the hoopla.

COVID-19 materials

Social Distance Markers
Social Media Graphics
On-Site Display Graphics



Headliners and happenings

A funny thing happened on the way to Comix…

From adult magic shows to ‘Lipstick, Lashes and Lies’, local bands, karaoke: there is no shortage of cool, fun things to promote. Social media audiences are all in. Ryan Marketing more than doubled the number of Facebook likes through targeted (and retargeted!) efforts, influencers, and crafty storytelling to help our message resonate. The word spreads every day, specifically if you’re googling for weekend plans—an SEO-friendly website meets crafty ad copy to make your evening the best one ever. How do we know what we’re doing is working? We manage and monitor both Google and social media advertising and analytics to make sure that the punchlines are timed right and on-target. And The Roadhouse is hopping—come see for yourself!