Ryan Rewards Return!

After 354 workdays conducted from home, we were back in action – in person – on August 16th

The day started at our desks – which were clean and covered in “back to school” gifts – along with breakfast.  We found that in addition to brand new kitchen condiments, we were also fully stocked with snacks that reflect our various food sensitivities and preferences.  Who doesn’t love THAT?

After a quick update meeting, we were whisked to Adriaens’ Landing for a boat ride down the Connecticut River, including a tour of Wethersfield Cove.  The sun was hot, the Diet Cokes were cold, and we saw an eagle, a few herons and cormorants. We also supported a new, locally-owned business (shout out to Hartford River Cruises, LLC and the lovely Kathryne Elizabeth), which makes Ryan Rewards that much more rewarding.

 Our Ryan Reward culminated at The Capital Grille with a lot of laughs, an amazing lunch, and the feeling that our days in the office – as limited as they are while we safely ease back into office life – are going to be more than just fine. They are going to be fan-fun-tastic!