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Website Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and for some people that means it’s time for some spring cleaning. Usually, that would mean breaking out the vacuum or heavy duty cleaning supplies and going to town on your kitchen or dusting all your shelves and tables. However, spring is also a great time to begin a website refresh.

Making sure your website is up to date with information and best practices is always important, but a lot of companies forget or overlook refreshing their website because things are always constantly changing. New projects or products are always being developed or new employees are being hired. So why take the time to update a page on your website when it’s just going to change in 2 months?

Making sure your website stays up to date is always a good idea. It’s good for your business and great for search engine optimization. Having new content is a great way to boost your rankings on Google. It is also good for customers or prospects to see new and relevant information when they revisit your site. In the end, you’ll be glad you took the time to go through your website and see what needs to be updated. During the process, you’ll see little things that need to be changed like an outdated company logo or a CTA button not working – small and quick changes that you might not have noticed without taking the time to do a website refresh.

Going through a website refresh may also bring on bigger edits that could result in a website redesign. A website redesign is different from a website refresh. A website refresh is usually something quick and simple, whereas a website redesign is something much bigger and can involve layout changes and takes a lot more time and planning. For example, you may need to completely revamp the layout of your website in order to be more mobile friendly. Coming across an issue like this where you need to do a whole website redesign can be frustrating but don’t be discouraged. Identifying a major problem like this is good and now you can put a plan together to figure out how to resolve the issue.

So this spring, don’t just focus on cleaning your house from top to bottom. Make sure you take the time to do a website refresh as well. You’ll feel good knowing your website is up to date and is at its best for any visitors coming to your website.


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