pub·lic re·la·tions

(/ˈpəblik rəˈlāSHənz/)

noun: the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.

Public Relations is a multi-faceted gem in a world of instant access to a variety of audiences.  The topic spawns a variety of vehicles, and to be handled properly PR requires both a tactical and strategic approach. At the end of the day, a properly executed plan elicits trust and uses creates impeccable ‘top of mind awareness’ for a client.


Fun fact: PR doesn’t happen by accident

The realm of public relations includes:

Media Relations (relationships with editors and influencers to traffic timely messages)

Press Releases, Media Alerts (which regularly broadcast news about a client), and Pitch Letters (which are used to spike interest in larger stories, often penned by a publication)

Corporate Messaging (from taglines and mission statements to voice-overs and ‘expert testimony’ – no messaging happens in a vacuum.  Nor should it exist in a vacuum once created!)

Speech Writing (Presenting to shareholders?  Donating to a charity?  Toasting your employees at a holiday party?  Get the laugh, the impact and the mileage for your efforts, and say “goodbye” to wishing you had thought to say “that”.)

Copywriting (Collateral material, website copy, social media text, white papers, scripts, cross-promotional material, skywriting.  We got this.)

Crisis Management (*Please* let us help with a plan and make us an early call when the fan … well, you know.  We don’t want bad stuff to happen, so we get ready, we stay ready, and we help respond when you need us.)

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Media Relations
Press Releases, Media Alerts
Corporate Messaging
Speech Writing
Crisis Management


“Ryan Marketing has provided comprehensive social media, marketing initiatives, signage promotions, and expanded our brand presence in-line with the company’s image and mission. They have also been available for related PR issues and gave us the security and confidence that we would be able to appropriately respond to the community in real-time”

– April Lukasik
President, Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers